Tuesday, 27 August 2019

IN THE PINK Carnival 2019

          Issue 499

Back to School Sunday
We have a combined service for the start of the school year on the first Sunday of September, which we call “Back to School Sunday”. So, this year the service is at 11am next Sunday at St Peter’s. There is no service at St Mary Mags next Sunday.

Book Club
The book club will meet next on Wednesday 28th August, at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room at St Peter’s. Our new book is written by Nelson Abbey, a member of St Peter’s (since childhood). It has just been published by Canongate, and is entitled “Think like a White Man”. It presents on the cover as being by “Dr Boule Whytelaw lll as told to Nels Abbey” but you can find it on Amazon under Nelson’s name. Even if you are not going to come to the book club, do buy the book.

Grand Junction Cafe
The café in the new building at St Mary Mags is now open daily. The tables out on the grass are very attractive on a sunny day. Do go along and try it! The next edition of the Grand Junction brochure, with Autumn events will be available soon. Do take a copy.

“The House of God”
The Music Society are putting on a celebration in words and music to mark the completion of our restoration and building works. Pick up a free ticket in church. Thursday 12th September at 7.30pm. James will be playing the organ and Fr Henry and Nicholas Kaye will be reading.

PCC Meetings
The archdeacon is coming to meet St Mary Magdalene’s PCC on Tuesday 3rd September at 7.30pm in the Education Studio at Grand Junction. St Peter’s PCC meets on Wednesday 11th at 7pm in the Meeting Room. The normal SMM PCC is at 7pm on Thursday 19th.

Evening Prayer
Evening prayer is now said daily at 5.30pm at St Mary Mags (not just on Tuesday and Thursday). Do come in and join us in placing the cares of the day before God.

Knife Bin
Do let people know that there is now a knife bin, in which bladed weapons can be disposed of, outside our Lady of Lourdes Church on the Harrow Road (just by the bus stop).

Dates for the Diary


27th Eucharist 10am St Peter’s
Evening Prayer 5:30pm SMM

28th Mass 8.30am SMM
Book Club 7.30pm Meeting Room St Peter’s

29th Tea and Toast
Evening Prayer 5.30pm SMM

31st Lunch Club


1st “Back to School Sunday”
Combined Service 11am St Peter’s

3rd Eucharist 10am St Peter’s
Evening Prayer 5:30pm SMM
SMM PCC with Archdeacon 7.30pm

4th Mass 8.30am SMM

5th Tea and Toast
Evening Prayer 5.30pm SMM

7th Lunch Club

10th Eucharist 10am St Peter’s
Evening Prayer 5:30pm SMM

11th Mass 8.30am SMM
PCC Meeting 7pm St Peter’s

12th Tea and Toast
Evening Prayer 5.30pm SMM
“The House of God” 7.30pm SMM

Fr Henry Everett
The Vicarage,
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Tel 7289 1818

Honorary Curate:
Fr. Frank Ward
Tel 8575 5515.

James Paget

Parish Office:
St. Peter’s House.
7289 2011.

St. Peter’s

Jacqui Haynes
Judith Silk

St. Mary Magdalene’s

Lesley Chakravorty
Virginia Ashton
020 7229 2577

Safeguarding Officers
Lorraine Singh (St.Peter’s)
Nicky Chakravorty (SMM)

9.30 St.Mary Magdalene
11.00 St.Peter

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